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Spa x Home started out as a quarantine birthday party...

In June 2020, all I wanted for my birthday was to be able to have something on the calendar to look forward to. So I came up with this idea of hosting a spa that my friends and family across 5 time zones could all do together.

As an experience designer focused on aligning technology with health-centered design values, I combined digital tools with ancient practices — from natural essentials that have been used for thousands of years to nourish skin, to self massage, to breathing and meditation techniques. The result became a shared ritual for relaxation, refreshment, and embodiment.

After my birthday spa, people asked me to keep doing more, and it has since grown into a collective self care ritual connecting people all over the world.

Spa x Home is a digitally guided, real-world, restorative spa experience to nurture the longest relationship you will have in your life: the one with your body and mind. It is an invitation to give yourself and those you care about the gift of feeling good.

Spa x Home is Created by Jenka Gurfinkel


how would you like TO SPA X HOME...


Get a guided, restorative spa hour on demand.

We'll even block off time on your calendar for you, because when self care gets scheduled, self care gets done.


Host a connected, group spa event for your friends, fans, or team.

Pick a date, invite your guests, press play, and relax!

It's that easy.

As a gift

Give someone you care about the gift of feeling good. Easy 5-minunte setup.

1-person Me Time spa, Duo Spa, and multi-household, Group Spa givet options available.

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