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spa x home

Book your Spa x Home gift, set it up in 5 minutes, and let someone you care about enjoy a relaxing spa form the comfort of home!

Whether you're sharing the same space or are miles apart, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind, relaxing experience for your special person.

Spa x Home is an hour-long, guided, restorative, spa ritual to nurture body, mind, and relationships. You can let your recipient have the much needed Me Time they deeply deserve, do the Spa x Home together, or even set up a connected, group spa to make new memories with family and friends across distance.

A Spa x Home Gift includes everything you need to set up a foolproof, exceptionally thoughtful experience for someone you care about in 5 minutes.

What your recipient will say

SPA X home
ITINERARY includes:
  • Breathing exercise
  • Candle / incense lighting
  • Pressure point massage
  • Hot towel
  • Face mask
  • Deep relaxation body scan meditation
  • DIY natural toner and moisturizer
  • Crystal bowl sound bath

Spa x Home incorporates accessible, everyday household ingredients such as honey and olive oil into DIY skincare products, or your recipient can use their own personal favorites in their experience.

All you need are a few simple, household items. Literally.


—— Spa x Home Ingredients List ——

  • Honey (alt: mud or any face mask your recipient likes)
  • Aloe (alt: cucumber slices)
  • Olive oil (alt: any face oil your recipient likes)
  • Incense or candle (or aroma diffuser)
  • The ingredients for your recipient's favorite drink to unwind
  • Bonus: Lavender essential oil (alt: Jasmine essential oil)


—— Your recipient will also need ——

  • Access to a kitchen or bathroom
  • Quiet place where they can be relaxed
  • Bed or somewhere comfortable they can lie down
  • Robe or other attire your recipient likes for lounging
  • Hair elastic / bandana / headband for getting hair out of the way
  • Clean hand towel
  • Large, microwave-safe bowl (or just a large bowl if you’re not using a microwave)
  • Small bowl / teacup / small glass
  • Tablespoon

Don't worry, you don't have to guess what your recipient likes. The Spa x Home instructions will guide you.

“Just massaged my own pressure points and made my own mask and toner with @spaxhome. My skin feels like a dessert.”
- Angela N.

Choose your Gift Type

We offer 3 gift type options depending on the kind of experience you're envisioning.

Yes, we can even make it a surprise! 🤫

Gift Option 1

Me time spa

Good for a replenishing, one-person experience




Good for an intimate, two-person experience in one household


Gift Option 3

Group spa

Good for 2 or more recipients across multiple households

$25 setup
$15 / per recipient

Book your Spa x Home gift


  1. Select your Gift Type, below
  2. Enter recipient information
  3. After booking, you will receive a request for payment via email
  4. Once payment is complete, your recipient(s) will receive instructions for arranging their Spa x Home date and time

    Check the 🤫 Make this a surprise! checkbox, and we'll make the date and time arrangements with the person giving the gift. All the recipient has to do is just show up!
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