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spa x home
Group Spa

when was the last time you made new memories with friends in the time OF PHYSICAL DISTANCING?

Invite your guests, press play, and relax!

Spa x Home is a guided, restorative, embodiment ritual to deepen your friendships while nurturing the longest relationship you will have in your life: the one with your body and mind.

A Host-Your-Own Spa x Home kit includes everything you need to easily create and share this experience with the people you care about.

Just pick a date, invite your guests, press play, and relax. It's really that simple.


SPA X home
ITINERARY includes:
  • Breathing exercise
  • Candle / incense lighting
  • Pressure point massage
  • Hot towel
  • Face mask
  • Deep relaxation body scan meditation
  • DIY natural toner and moisturizer
  • Crystal singing bowl sound bath

Spa x Home incorporates accessible, everyday household ingredients such as honey and olive oil to create DIY skincare products, or you can use your own personal favorites in your experience.

Itinerary customization options available upon request.


“Just massaged my own pressure points and made my own mask and toner with @spaxhome. Best thing I’ve ever done on Zoom. My skin feels like a dessert.”
- Angela N.

What your DMs will look like

Great for...
  • Birthday party
  • Baby shower
  • Reunion
  • Friends spa night
  • Just because. The world is a mess.

  • Team building
  • Virtual "offsite"
  • Brand / fan engagement
  • Community event
  • Fundraising event

"There is such power to this being a scheduled, shared thing. I can never justify 'setting aside time for myself' on my own terms but it is motivating to have someone else driving this happening and telling me I need to show up to it. That's probably a little messed up but ... in this day and age where we're home forever and there's always something else to do with the kids or around the house, the fact that I am showing up at the same time as others has a depth of importance that I'm missing out on without other social life."
- Mikell T.


"She's only 3, but she liked it so much we did another little meditation session today."
- Sarah B.

You're in good company

We've done group spas for...

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