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Every mom you know needs a break right now.

A Spa x Home Gift includes everything you need to set up an exceptionally thoughtful self-care spa for mom in 5 minutes.

Whether you're sharing the same space or are miles apart, you can easily create a unique and memorable Mother's Day. All mom has to do is press play and relax. The Spa x Home Gift will guide her through a relaxing ritual to nurture body, mind, and spirit from the comfort of home.

We'll even book it on her calendar, so you can give mom what she really needs — time set aside for herself.

Oh yeah, and we can help you make it a surprise! 🤫


How it works...

After you book, we will email you or your gift recipient to arrange a Spa x Home at the preferred date and time. Your booking will also include an easy prep guide that has all the setup details.

When it's time to spa, the Spa x Home Guided Video will lead you through the hour-long self care journey. All the steps are simple to follow, but powerfully restorative.

Once your spa is over, enjoy the afterglow!

SPA X Home
Itinerary for mom


The Spa x Home incorporates accessible, everyday household ingredients for nourishing the skin, healing, pressure point massage to ease tension in the body, and a crystal bowl sound bath and guided meditation to calm the mind.

This is not the type of thing where you're supposed to sit and stare at the screen—this is a spa, after all⁠. We use digital tools, combined with ancient practices, in the service of relaxation and embodiment.

The longest relationship we will have in our lives is the one with our body and mind. Spa x Home is your time to creatively nurture that relationship.


What moms are saying

All mom needs for the spa are a few simple, household staple items.
(She's probably the one who bought them.)


—— Spa x Home Essentials List ——

  • Honey (alt: mud or any face mask your recipient likes)
  • Aloe (alt: cucumber slices)
  • Olive oil (alt: any face oil your recipient likes)
  • Incense or candle (or aroma diffuser)
  • Ingredients for your recipient's favorite drink to unwind
  • Bonus: Lavender essential oil (alt: Jasmine essential oil)

Don't worry, you don't have to guess what mom likes. The Spa x Home instructions will guide you.


—— Spa Guests Will Also Need ——

  • Access to a kitchen or bathroom
  • Quiet place where they can be relaxed
  • Bed or somewhere comfortable they can lie down
  • Robe or other attire your recipient likes for lounging
  • Hair elastic / bandana / headband for getting hair out of the way
  • Clean hand towel
  • Large, microwave-safe bowl (or just a large bowl if you’re not using a microwave)
  • Small bowl / teacup / small glass
  • Tablespoon

No DIY skills required. All the steps are simple, and come with easy to follow instructions in the Spa x Home Video Guide.

Mothering the Mother is a collaborative creation between Spa x Home and Doula at Dawn creator, Aparna Majmudar. Aparna is a former lawyer, called to become a birth worker through her own experiences of becoming a mother to three children. She now helps women navigate the waters of pregnancy, birth, and beyond.

Aparna's custom Spa x Home meditation will guide mothers, those sharing a self-care experience with mothers, and those needing a nurturing moment to mother themselves to reconnect with the power of their minds, bodies, and spirits.

Choose your Spa Type

Give mom the much needed Me Time she deeply deserves, treat her to an intimate Duo Spa experience, or set up a connected, Group Spa to make new memories with family and friends across distance.

We can even make it a surprise gift! 🤫



Good for a replenishing, one-person experience




Good for an intimate, two-person experience in one household
(No Zoom)




Good for 2 or more recipients across multiple households
(With Zoom)

$40 setup
$20 / per recipient


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